The Wolves Must Run Free

by Wild Apples

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Recorded at Songbird in Provo, UT.
Recorded by Matthew Humes and Jack Mergist except “Hollow” recorded by Stephen Cope.
Engineered by Matthew Humes.
All songs written by M. Lewis Barker and Wild Apples.


released August 7, 2014

Wild Apples are:
M. Lewis Barker, Archie Crisanto, Jack Mergist, Michelle Kennedy, Mark Henderson, Matthew Humes
Additional instrumentation and vocals by:
Zac Bryant, Alyssa Pyper, Stephen Cope, Robert Willes, Natalie Humes, Stephen Henderson



all rights reserved


Wild Apples

Wild Apples are an art rock band from Salt Lake City/Provo, UT.

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Track Name: Something Real
Broken by the dreams we shared
We stand outside the town
Where we were born
The night is silent
But our breath and the crackle of the torches in our hands
As we remember the days
When we were young, naive about what we’d become

We don’t want to see
What we’re meant to see
We don’t want to be
Who we’re meant to be

Our silhouettes rising against the stars
Who cares if they hear our prayers?
It’s time to set this town ablaze
It won’t claim another victim
History will prove our cause just
Don’t you feel alive tonight?

We don’t want to fear
All that is unclear
We don’t want to know
Where we’re meant to go

Then suddenly, clouds form above
And lightning bolts strike
The gods are with us!
The townsfolk run and scream as fire rains down from the sky
It burns away everything we held dear
We laugh, we cackle
As it all crumbles to the ground

We don’t want to see
Your dead burning city
We don’t want to be
Your ancient fantasy

We just need to feel
Something real
The wolves must run free
Away from society
Track Name: His First Sunrise
I came across a town with no graveyards
They throw their dead out to the sea
We’ll clean out all of our graveyards
And set our fathers free
I came across a town with no old folk
At forty, they give up the ghost
They say better than to die from a stroke
Is to throw oneself out to the coast
That’s why they boast

B6 E7 Am7

I came across a girl with no family
She gives herself out to the crowd
She knows she’s not going to end up happy
She don’t want help; she’s too damn proud
I came across a town with no lovers
It leaves a bitter aftertaste
On the streets they destroy one another
With alarming haste
It’s such a waste

I came across a man with no children
He told me that he’s one to mourn
It was sickness in old age that killed them
Before they were born
I came across myself by the ocean
He was watching his first sunrise
I asked him what on earth he’d been doing
He just smiled and closed his eyes
So I asked him to lie
Track Name: On Love & Faith
Who am I?
Who am I to write a song about love?
I’ve never even been in it

It’s not that I’m that cold
(You’re dying and old! A site to behold!)
But love is just a story we’ve been told

Oh darling, come back
Prove me wrong
Open my heart

Who am I to write a song about heaven?
I’ve never even been there

I don’t know if it’s truth or lie
(Why don’t you care why / you’re going to die?)
But I don’t hear trumpets sounding in the sky

Please god come down!
Send the angels
To open my eyes

Who am I?
Who am I?
Track Name: Our Own Room
There’s a house on a hill
Our parents built for us
A sanctuary, we each had our own room
In that house where we grew up

Could someone else
Be living there now?

There’s a town, the town where we grew up
We left all our friends there
At the church, at school, downtown, and at the park
We thought that we knew who we were

But we’ll never go back to that old town
It’s not there anymore
We’ll never walk those streets again
We burnt that city down

There’s no way to get back home
But we can start anew
Build a fire; sketch the blueprints
It’s our turn to build

So let’s build! Let’s build it up
Let’s claim our plot of land
Brick by brick, wall by wall, street by street
Our own house, our own town, our own room

Yeah, let’s build! We’ll built this town!
Let’s lay that cornerstone
We can work and sweat we’ll pour out our souls
For this place, our new town, our new home
Track Name: By the Trees
Marry me in the garden by the trees we used to climb
Wear your dress, white and lovely
Oh my darling; you’ll look sublime
Will you be there?

Is this who we are? Where did we go?
Where is that boy? Oh where is that girl?
Oh no! We lost ourselves
But maybe if you promise me this
Your hand in my heart; my heart in your hand
We’ll grow and find ourselves again

Carry me down the mountain
I know you’re strong enough
Wear my soul like a blanket
It’s yours ‘cause we’re in love
Aren’t we? Hopefully

When did we grow into these hands,
These feet, these legs, these eyes, and these hearts?
Why did we ever grow up at all?
Wasn’t our youth enough
To unleash the star stuff inside us?
No! It’s time for us to give up
Eating out of vending machines
We’ll grow our own food

Marry me in the morning; Call your friends and family
So they can tell the story of how you joined yourself to me

Is this who we are? Where did we go?
Where is that boy? Oh where is that girl?
Oh no! We lost ourselves
But maybe if you promise me this
My hand in your heart; your heart in my hand
We’ll grow and find ourselves again

Bury me in the garden by the trees we used to climb
Wear my soul, black and ugly
Oh my darling, you’ll look divine
Will you be there?
Oh please be there
Track Name: My Country, My Kingdom
This is my country
I am the king
I rule both peasant and noble
I control everything

This is my kingdom
It stretches clear out to the sea
I earned it by birthright
It came from divinity

Those are my mountains
Tall, majestic, and fair
I look down from the highest point
As the wind blows through my hair
As the wind blows through my hair

There is my forest
I hunt its game
I know it like the back of my hand
And the animals all know me by name

Here is my army
My catapults and guns
Everyone wants to fight me
So our sisters must bury their sons

This is our battle
The fields are bleeding red
I command from the frontline
As the bullets blow past my head
As those bullets blow past my head

This is my castle
I am the king
I’ll rule inside of these stone walls
Until I own everything
Track Name: Mother's Words
Drifting through space / Dead and cold
Sacrificed / To save the fold
Don’t give up hope / We’ll cut through
Countless foes / To avenge you

Our battle scars / Slowly heal
Memories / That will reveal
Sins we commit / To forsake
Mother’s words / Our first mistake

Don’t dare have hope / We all bleed
They do not / Care what we need
The fight goes on / And reminds
That we’ll all / Lose our damn minds

Our battle cries / Go ignored
While we die / For our wolf lord
If we refuse / To press on
Could you lend / a head to rest on?
Track Name: Hollow
Spinning webs through hazel eyes
Grasping for the static surprise
Crystal coins rain on our heads
Tidal waves carry off our beds
But we can’t bare to follow
Even as we lose our hollow

Peering through the electric veil
Scattered whispers unravel the tale
Violent child on a moonlit stroll
Cocks his gun for the life they stole
His pride is hard to swallow
His bride is cold and hollow

Tonight, the waters are shallow
These tides are warm and hollow
Track Name: Pieces of the Sky
Are we sitting in snow
Or has the grass caught on fire?
We’ve suffered a blow
We need to solder the wire
I’ll rise up from below
If you give me a cause to inspire

In spite of the cold
We’ll keep marching along
Can we do what we’re told
To the sound of the gong
We’ll discover gold
If we just keep staying strong

Collecting a million little pieces of the sky

Are we fooling our hearts
And misleading our brains?
Let’s go back to the start
If we want to destroy the pain
Love is the art
That makes diamonds out of rain

Reason’s thrown to the birds
And we’re starting to mind
They speak empty words
They’re so deaf, they’re so blind
There’s excess to purge
For our souls to be refined

Collecting a million little pieces of the sky